News: CDW 2019

​The Award winning Clerkenwell Design Week welcomes Chaucer Furniture Logistics ....

Chaucer is the first choice for furniture manufacturers, dealers and interior designers across the UK and around the globe be. This year, Chaucer will be attending the 10th anniversary of the Clerkenwell Design Week; one of London’s most vibrant and interactive festivals between the 21st and the 23rd of May 2019. You can see Chaucer at a number of showrooms including, KI, K&N, Actiu, Nowy Styl, Dauphin, Haworth, Knoll and others.

CDW gives specialist architectural brands and interior designers the opportunity to present new design projects and spectacles that feature around Clerkenwell. Chaucer has been a crucial part of this prestigious event, helping many of the furniture manufacturers fit out their showrooms and exhibitions by installing furniture and moving materials around for the event.

Established as the UK’s leading independent design festival, CDW is attended by thousands of visitors every year. Chaucer’s vans will be driving around the streets of Clerkenwell during the event giving everyone who attends the opportunity to find out who Chaucer are, what they can provide and why they are the best at what they do!