Moving Stories: When it’s really big - who you going to call?

What happens when one of the world’s largest social media companies orders furniture from one of the world’s biggest manufacturers and it needs delivering and installing at 10 different locations across the Globe?

The answer: You call Chaucer Logistics, the world largest dedicated Furniture Logistics provider and a company used to dealing with the freight challenges and tight deadlines you meet working in an international market.

“This has been a massive challenge for us. In the last two and half years we have taken in delivery from a wide range of global suppliers into our warehouse facility in Rainham, Essex, where we have consolidated each order before arranging shipping,” said Scott Dunn, CEO of Chaucer Logistics.

“This is then despatched to over 10 different locations across Europe, the UK and America and once delivered we provide a full installation service. We also provide full back for the manufacturer and the social media customer by providing full storage.”

Since the contract has been running Chaucer has delivered and installed more than 35,000 different desk positions supported by a complete project management service to allow the end client to reconfigure and make best use of existing office space, break out areas and meeting rooms.